Today's Date: Saturday, April, 20th 2019

Menu for 3rd week of the month

  • Order Deadline: Wednesday, April, 24th 2019
  • Delivery Date: Saturday, May, 4th 2019
Aloo Tikki (each) 

Potato cutlets with egg

Boiled potatoes mixed with fresh herbs, ground spices, egg and pan fried as cutlets

  • $1.00
Shaami Kabab (1 each) 

Chicken and lentil patties

Bonless chicken and Chana daal (lentil) boiled and mixed with special spice, 'Garam Masala' along with ginger garlic to give it a unique taste. Soft and tendor textured paties are pan fried with egg coating.

  • $1.50
Chicken ka Salan (16 oz) 

Chicken curry made with special spices

Curry chicken cooked with an onion, tomato, and yogurt-based sauce, flavored with ginger, garlic, chilies and a variety of spices, including cumin, cinnamon, cardamom.

  • $9.95
Kashmiri Kabab Curry (16 oz) 

Minced chicken kaba with curry

Cylindrical shape (seekh kababs), lightly pan-fried added to the yogurt and tomato based curry with spices and fresh herbs.

  • $10.50
Vege Aloo Tikki (each) 

Potato cutlets

Boiled potatoes mixed with fresh herbs, ground spices pan fried as cutlets — No egg added.

  • $1.00
Torai ki sabzi (16 oz) 

Slices of Zuchhini

Sliced zucchini made cooked in onion and tomato sauce with fresh herbs and ground spices

  • $7.50
Lauki Chana Daal (16 oz) 

Bottle gourd or ghiya with Chana Daal

Bottle gourd or ghiya cooked with lentil (split chickpeas), onions, tomatoes, ground spices and fresh herbs

  • $7.95
Saaday Chawal (16 oz) 

Plain boiled basmati rice

Plain basmati rice boiled with the hint of salt and oil.

  • $1.99
Matar Palao (16 oz) 

Basmati rice with green peas

Basmati rice cooked with onion, cumin seeds and green peas to give it a mild fragrant taste

  • $3.95
Daal Maash (Urad Daal) (16 oz) 

Split lentils (urad daal)

Lentils cooked with ground spices, ginger and garlic in a dry style

  • $6.00
Peeli Daal (Mung) (16 oz) 

Yellow lentils

Lentils cooked with ground spices and tempered with cumin seeds, garlic and dry red whole chilies

  • $6.50
Chana Masala (16 oz) 

Chickpeas in thick gravy

Garbanzo beans cooked with onions and spices in a thick gravy

  • $7.50
Hari Chutney (8 oz) 

Fresh mint and cilantro sauce

Raw mint, cilantro, fresh green chilies and ground spices amalgamated with tamarind to create a delicious sauce

  • $1.95
Hara Raita (12 oz) 

Fresh mint, cilantro and yogurt sauce

Yogurt seasoned with mint, cilantro with a touch of spices to form an enriched flavored sauce. Raita provides cooling effect on the plate to make a good foil for spicy meals

  • $2.99
Gajar ka Halva (12 oz) 

Carrot Pudding

Delicious, rich pudding made with shredded carrots, butter, condensed milk and almonds. Normally eaten warm for enhanced flavor.

  • $6.95