Today's Date: Friday, July, 10th 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I place my order?
  • You must place your order by Wednesday of each week for delivery on the Sunday of that week. Orders placed after Wednesday, for example, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be delivered the following Sunday.
  • Do you require a minimum order or is there a delivery charge?
  • Our delivery is free as long as value of meals (excluding tax and other charges) is more than $20.00.
  • Whats your serving size and how much should I order for one person per meal?
  • Normally, our main dishes come in a 16 Oz deli container filled to the top. Dessert items in a 12 oz container and Kababs and Aloo Tikki 1 each wrapped in foil. Each serving of main entree is usually enough for one adult depending upon their appetite and diet. Sometime a dish can be shared by two people again depending upon how much they would like to eat.
  • Are your meals prepared with Halal (Zabihah) meat?
  • Yes, we use 100% Halal (Zabihah) high quality meat to prepare all of our non-vegetarian meals.
  • What time do you deliver?
  • We will deliver between Sunday afternoon to late evening. Actual delivery time will vary depending on number of orders and other delivery addresses we have for the week.
  • Do I need to be home to receive the meals?
  • No. We will leave the insulated bag containing your meal at your door. You may leave the previous week's bag and ice packs for us to pick up at the time of delivery.
  • How do I get refunded for the delivery bag?
  • Please send us an email at and we will arrange to pick it up or have you drop off at a convenient location and give you back your refund.